April Month In Review

Ok so I’m a bit late in getting this out, but thats because we’ve had some awesome weather up here and I’ve beend doing a lot of this, and also it was my birthday week, so yeah, not a lot of time to blog.


April Mileage:  Bike: 30.02 miles / Swim: 0 yards / Run: 27 miles

Well can you tell what I’ve been doing mostly the last month?  Its finally starting to become real that in just under two months I have a half marathon to do.  So far (knock on wood) I’ve kept to my schedule of runs and haven’t missed one in three weeks.  After my bike suffered a double flat on the way to crossfit a couple weeks ago, I kinda forgot to get back on it.  The plan I came up with has twice a week training rides, but my knees are preventing me from getting them done.  I’ve taken to using some compression sleeves on my knees while running/lifting, as well as using ice throughout the day, and that’s helping a lot.  However I’m worried that as these runs get longer, that I’ll reach a point where I wont be able to run for a week after.  Also there is that big fat zero for swim yardage.  I still cant find a time to get to the pool that works for me.  With summer here (its supposed to be 85 on Thursday!), boarding/surfing is taking up my mornings.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Looking at property in our area.  The wife and I only have a couple small projects left around the house, and she’ll be ready to put on the market.  We’d love to get out of our current place fairly soon, but realistically I’d say we’re probably closer to a year or two before we can get serious about it.  Never the less, I’m still hunting for land to build on.  Also looking at new boats.  What can I say, the new Nautique G23 is one mighty fine lookin boat!

Current Song: Did you expect something else with the great weather we’re having?  I’m actually planning on spending the next three days on the lake.

Current Wish-List: For the end of June to get here.  As much as I’m starting to enjoying training again, I’m ready for a break.  Finishing up the sprint tri and half marathon will lead into a couple week break before I have to get serious again about the Olympic tri in August.  Also the end of June will put me on vacation for a week in Lake Coeur d’Alene, where I’ll be volunteering at the Ironman!

Current Need: To figure out how to keep training and keep my knees from hurting.  So far I’m popping Advil like its candy and using ice packs, but they are sore to the point where I don’t want to even think about running (and they kept me awake the other night as well).

Current Triumph: A couple week I took some time at crossfit and found my max dead lift.  Well almost.  After getting two good lifts in at 425 I called it a day as I didn’t have a weight belt, and was having to rubber band weights onto the bar.  That was strict by the way too.  My sumo dead-lift should be much higher.  Also I just learned how to jump on the wake board, which is a huge feat all by itself.

Current Bane of my Existence: Maintenance.  It seems like everything I own right now is due for something or other.  Its not the cost, but the time to get it all done.  Add into that additional MX i’m trying to catch up on that was left over from foot-pocalypse and my plate is pretty full at the moment.  Also my new trucks AC just broke so it has to go into the shop. Ugh.

Current Goal: Keep on my running/training plan.  This is going to be super tough especially with nice weather coming.  Also to add 10-15 more pounds onto my dead-lift in 45 days.

Current Indulgence:  Ordering paleo food instead of making it.  With things getting busier for me, I don’t have as much time as I’d like in the kitchen, and have started supplementing some of my daily food intake with pre-made stuff that is paleo-ish.  Its not as good for me, and that’s probably also part of the reason that I’ve been stagnant in the weight department, but its just so easy to order stuff off of amazon.

Current Excitement: My birthday this weekend!  (Today) Still on the downhill slide of my 20′s but edging ever closer to the big 3-0.  Has to happen sometime right?  So far plans are to hangout on the lake with some buddies, dinner, maybe some good scotch and cigars to cap the night off.  We may even break out our fire pit.

Looking forward to May: Another month of training with no races planned.  I was thinking about finding a 10k or something to do, but the more I ponder things, the more I think I’m just going to hold off until June.  After my birthday this weekend, I also hope to stick a lot closer to paleo, and hope to see some movement in the scale again.  That will probably help more than anything with my knees and running.

Sooo, how’d your April end up?!?!

A Quick Check In

So I’ve bee pretty busy the last few weeks, which I why I haven’t really been writing much of anything on here.  Also, there hasn’t been much to report until lately.  With nice weather approaching, the wife and I decided to get some yard work done, and spent a few days raking leaves, shoveling gravel, and spreading bark.  Our outside work for the summer is basically done and its not even May yet.  YES!  I also decided to get my shit together (kinda) and get on my training plan.  While I haven’t been perfect, I’m at least getting my two runs a week in, and have also been on the bike a few times.  Still no pool, but I hope to get there Thursday/Friday morning.

On a training note, I had my ‘long’ run of the week yesterday, 5 miles.  I was kinda intimidated by that distance at first, but after I set off I quickly fell into a pace and hammered it out.  By the end I wasn’t totally spent, and even negative split my last mile or so, which was good.  Oh my time?  1:03.  Held right on pace for my 12min miles.  If I could to learn to run faster I’d be set.  Afterwards we headed to crossfit and proceeded to run some more,five 400m sprints with 15 overhead squats between each one.  Oh yippie…  I ended up running the first 400, then subbed out 500m rows instead, my knees couldn’t handle it.  Speaking of which, my knees have been pissed off all day at me.  I’m sure thats from all 255 pounds of man slamming down on them for 5 miles.

Alright, I’m out.  Time for dinner, and then back off to the salt mine.

Motivation Mondays: Live Your Dream & Master Life

So this last week as been pretty awesome.  We’ve had some gorgeous weather up here in Seattle and its even broken the 70 degree mark a couple times in the last week.  Guess what that means!!!  It’s boat season!  Much to the dismay of the wife, I broke the boat out last week and we hit the lake twice.  Clad in wet suits my buddies and I spent two full days on the lake.  Its definitely what I needed.

april tapps 1

april tapps 2

april tapps

So on to motivation.  Well I’ve been kinda lacking.  Yet again I laid out a training plan (that hopefully I’ll follow this time), but with amazing weather, I pushed off training for lake time.  I think I see a pattern here.  With that said, I did get in a 4 mile run tonight with a 12:08 average pace.  Pretty good considering I haven’t ran that distance in a long time.  I think I mentioned before that I chatted with my crossfit coach, and we kinda talked about my goals/ambitions and basically she said to skip crossfit workouts to work on endurance training.  I get what shes’s saying, but at the same time I really enjoy lifting and don’t want to give that up, plus I can see strength training really paying off in my endurance training as well.  I need more hours in the day.

So in that vein, I’m living the good life at the moment, and I’m (almost) living the dream, here is this weeks motivational video.


So this just happened…


Since it was so nice out here in Seattle I decided that it would be a great day to break out the bike and get some actual road miles underneath me.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but I jumped on the bike and took off towards our crossfit box for the night.  The first couple miles were kinda rough as I hadn’t actually ridden the bike in almost 6 months (besides on the trainer), and it took a bit of time to get reacquainted with the girl.  However by five miles in I had really hit my stride (or is it pedal) and with my corssfit box almost within sight, I ran over a massive rock.  Instant flat.  Ok no biggie, swap out the tube and use the CO2 to fill her up.  Only I forgot to put the tube in the bike, and also forgot to check the CO2, it was empty.  Shit.  Now what?  Well luckily the wife was just getting off work, and was able to swing by and rescue me on her way to crossfit (and to think I almost didn’t throw my cell phone in my backpack).

Not sure if the rim is damaged, I haven’t had a chance to inspect it closely yet.  So what did we learn?  Stay the hell away from rocks.  Double check your gear bag and make sure all the parts are in there, and when all else fails, call the wife for help :(

March Month In Review

By the numbers:  #’s lost: -9.2 / Bike: 38.93 miles / Swim: .4 miles / Run: 13.79 miles

The numbers are slowly starting to come back.  I’m still finding it hard to balance crossfit with tri training, and with summer coming fast, its only going to get more difficult with the added responsibilities of yard work and wake boarding.  I’m pretty disappointed with my swim numbers, but the pool lap swim schedule just doesn’t mesh with mine at all.  A chunk of that mileage for the month came in the form of two races, so ‘training’ mileage was actually fairly low, yet again…

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Building a new PC…  So I used to be a big PC gamer way back when, at one point in time I was spending 16+ hours doing massive 40 person raids in the World of Warcraft.  Well I’m kinda back into it.  Well not really.  There is still a pretty big market for the game, and people need gold to buy stuff within game.  Well some old buddies of mine got me into farming gold by using some programs that automatically do a small routine, and over time they accumulate a large amounts of gold.   So story short, I cooked my CPU running 12 bots at once, and ended up building a brand new PC last weekend.  Kinda unexpected, but I needed it as the last upgrade in the PC department was over 6 years ago.

What I’m Reading: Executive Orders – Tom Clancy & Primal Body Primal Mind - Nora T. Gedgaudas.  Executive Orders is another in the Jack Ryan series and its another massive spy thriller.  I’m pretty deep into this series, but I’m growing tired of 1000+ page books.  I think there are only two or three more to go, and I’ll have to find something else to occupy my time.  Also I’m slogging through Primal Body Primal Mind.  Its basically the go to book for people on paleo.  Super super super science heavy and it explains down to the biochemical/genetic level of why paleo works.  Honestly its a bit much for even a geek like me, but there is just so much good info in there I can’t ignore it.

Current Song: So post tri I’ve been kinda riding this high where everything just seems to be going right.  My lifts at crossfit are awesome, I’m feeling healthy, my weight loss has stalled (but I’m still getting smaller as I can now fit into some jeans I haven’t been able to wear in three years), and work has been pretty damn good.  I couldn’t ask for much more at the moment.  So I pretty much feel like I’m the man right now.

Aloe Blacc – I’m The Man

Current Wish-List: That beer was paleo.  Or soda.  Or any other flavored drink.  I’m starting to get sick of coffee and water.  I tried to do some tea last week but found it lacking.  I have tried some kombucha and coconut water but the sugar content in both is pretty high which slows weight loss.  Every now and then I’ll throw in some sparkling water, but its just not a soda.  I did have a moment of weakness tonight, I did have one diet soda.  :(  That’s the longest I’ve gone without one.  Here’s to another 3+ months.

Current Need: To figure out how to balance everything I want to accomplish.  Seems like the story of the last few months right?  I’m still not very good at this, and I gotta figure this out soon.  The first 1/4 of 2014 is already over.  Wow that went quick!  I think honestly its going to come down to reducing my crossfit sessions to like twice a week.  My ironman buddy is training at 12 hours a week.  While I dont expect to get myself to that level, I think in just tri training I need to shoot for maybe 6-8.  I dunno.  Part of me thinks I need some coaching, but at my current level I almost think it would be a waste.  Maybe I need to sit down with a calendar (yet again) and see if I can make up a plan that I can stick to better this time.

Current Triumph: Getting back into my True Religions.  I haven’t been able to wear those jeans in almost three years so I was super excited a couple days ago when I was finally able to wear them around.  Woot Woot!

Current Bane of my Existence: Rain…  I have a few yard projects that need to get done, and warm weather is right around the corner.  I’m ready to break the boat out!  It looks like the weather gods are slowly coming around though.  The long range forecast looks good!


Current Goal: Get some consistent running in.  My 1/2 marathon is coming up a lot quicker than I’d like and I still haven’t really began to train for it.  Ugh.  Of the four sports I’m trying to be proficient in, running is still my least favorite.  I’m pretty sure I will never truly enjoy it, just survive it.

Current Indulgence: Paleo Brownies.  These things are amazing, the wife made some last week and we scarfed them right up.  Now we’re out and I’m a sad panda.  Maybe I can convince her to make us some more…

Current Excitement: BOAT!!!!!  Ok have I said it enough?  April is the month we start drying out out here, and as soon as the long range forecast looks good, I’ll break her out.  I ordered a heater as well, so we can get in some more early season sessions.  Hopefully the rain will dry up soon and we’ll have a good summer.  Also I found out yesterday that I was nominated and got runner up for an Archie League Medal.  Basically its one of the highest awards an air traffic controller can earn by assisting a pilot in dire circumstances.  Turns out that I was nominated for a situation that I handled a few months ago when a KC-135 tanker lost all its power over the ocean.

Looking forward to April: Well my buddy at work wants me to run/ride in a duathlon at the end of the month.  I’m pretty terrified of it since it has a massive hill right smack in the middle of the bike course.  If I don’t do that, this is a nothing month as far as racing goes.  Just pure training, which I’m ok with.  It will give me some time to get yard work done, and set up the rest of the summer.  Also I’m getting my first trainee at work next week, so I’m sure that will be exciting.

Sooo, how’d your March end up?!?!

Race Recap: Rainman Series | Indoor Sprint Triathlon

Woooooo my first tri is finally under my belt.  This shoulda happened about 6 months ago, but due to foot-pocalypse and then a sprained foot after that, I kept having to push it off.  Well its all said and done, and I can finally call myself a triathlete now.  :)  So where do I begin with the race that almost didn’t happen…

night before rainman

Almost didn’t happen?  What you ask?  Well about six weeks ago a buddy asked me if I could cover a shift for him at work so he could get some vacation time.  I said sure no prob, just make swaps and tell me what shakes out.  He made the swaps but to make it all workout, they had to move a bunch of my shifts leading up to the day.  I didn’t even think at the time to check to see what weekend/day this would be, and it just so happened that it was the same week that my tri was scheduled, and the swapped shifts ended up encroaching on my tri time.  UGH!  So after a lot of begging and bribing I made it work by taking a couple hours beginning of shift and showed up to work late.  Bullet dodged.  What about the tri though?  Ok here’s the story…

So like the titles suggests this was an indoor tri, which consisted of a 15min swim, 30min bike, and then a 2.97mile run.  While not a true sprint distance, they compensated for that by taking the average pace for each leg and extrapolating that to find what your sprint distance time would be.  Make sense?  So typical me, slept like crap the night before.  I think I maybe grabbed 4 hours and was up before my alarm went off at 0530.  I had a normal breakfast (bacon and spinach egg cups with coffee) as the stomach was used to that and I knew it wouldn’t mess me up for the rest of the day.  Loaded the truck up with gear and family and we were off for the hour drive to Green Lake.

After checking in and weighing (so they could set resistance on the bike trainer) I was off to set up my transition area and get the pre race instructions.  A quick wave to the fam and we hopped in the pool for the first leg.  We we’re supposed to have only two people per lane, but the race software messed up and allowed an extra person to sneak into our wave.  They asked for volunteers and I ended up with 3 people in my lane.  Wasn’t that big of a deal, and I got to practice circle swimming for the first time.  The swim went really well, and I held free style for about half of my laps, then switched to 1/2 free 1/2 breast stroke.  This kept my pace fairly quick and allowed my to finish 14 laps (700 yards) in 15 min.  I think I could of pushed a bit harder towards the end, but I pulled back the intensity as I didn’t want to die on the bike trainer next.

rainman swim

Outta the pool and a quick ‘walk’ on the pool deck to our bike trainer.  I chose to wear socks as I cant stand wearing shoes without them, so I was a bit slower getting on my trainer but oh well.  Hopped on for 30 min of hell.  Essentially this was scored on your average pace over 30 min, so its all out as hard as you can go, no coasting/rest ugh.  My trainer was kinda messed up and kept blinking off and on so I’m not convinced that my time/speed here is accurate, but it should be close.  This was definitely my weakest part of the race.  I had a recovery protein shake on my bike with hopes that it would give me energy along the way, turned out I just ended up burping coconut milk and protein powder the rest of the time.  Wont do that again.  Ended up with an average speed of 13.12.  A bit slow for me as I normally am in the high teens so I’m pretty sure the trainer wasn’t getting good data.





Off the bike and out the door for one lap around the lake, 2.97 miles.  Immediately out the door I rolled my left ankle and thought, “oh shit, this run is going to suck”.  Ended up shaking it out, and it didn’t hurt the rest of the run.  I didn’t bring my watch, so again I was pacing off what felt ok.  I kept a slow steady pace and ended up picking off a few people along the way, and was only passed once.  My goal here was not to be passed by the first person in the wave after me, and sure enough I crossed the finish line well in front of that person.  I ended up only walking once or twice for about 10-15 yards.  Overall a solid run, I probably could of ran a bit harder, but I wasn’t really sure how long I had left in the run course since they didn’t have it marked at all and I didn’t want to run out of go juice with a long ways to go.  Oh well.

Probably the best thing during the whole race was rounding the last corner and seeing the family waiting and cheering for me at the end. :)  For a first outing I’m pretty damn happy with my performance.  My weak spot is definitely the bike, so I’ll be working on that a lot in the next couple months leading up to my next race.  Here’s what the race looked like by the numbers:

Avg Swim MPH: 1.6
Paced Swim Time: 17:35
Bike Miles: 6.56
Avg Speed: 13.15
Paced Bike Time: 57:10
Run Time: 36:00
Run Pace: 12:07
Calculated Sprint Time: 1:50:45

rainman finish

Post race I was a bit jittery the rest of the afternoon, and have been super tired since.  I actually slept today for like 10 hours.  Guess I needed it.  So after a bit of an identity crisis a few weeks ago, after the 5K last two weeks ago and the tri this last weekend, I’ve got the bug again.  I don’t think I can walk away from it now and the question is how do I fit this into the whole schema of weight loss/training.  I guess we’ll just have to see what happens as I go forward.

Race Recap: Enumclaw St. Paddys Day 5K

Event: Enumclaw St. Paddys Day 5K
Weather: 43°, Overcast, Light Wind , Dry
Course: Residential streets of rural Enumclaw, WA
Official Time: 34:25

Given my last post, I was pretty torn about running this race.  After talking with the wife (about the last post), we decided that I’d make my endurance decision post race and go from there.  So lets get back to race morning (errr the night before)…

So I ended up working a double midshift last week and that kind of messed up my sleep pattern and it hasn’t gotten back on track.  Last night I couldn’t sleep and ended up tossing and turning till about 3am.  I finally got some sleep just in time for the alarm to go off at 6:45.  I leapt from bed, ok more like crawled since the day before I completed Crossfit Open 14.3 and my legs were destroyed.  Wound up eating two spinach egg cups and most of cup of coffee before we headed out.  7:10 we’re out the door, and headed for the start line.  For once the race was basically in my back yard and we didn’t have to drive an hour to get to it.

7:40: we’re checked in and now standing in the cold waiting for the gun.  Guess its time to turn the watch on and get it aligned with the satellites.  Or not.  The watch is dead.  Ugh.  Well with 20 min to kill we headed over to the truck and dumped the extra weight and took some shelter from the cold.

7:59: Line up and off we went.  I planed to run this together with the wife, and since we both were hurting from the prior weeks crossfit workouts, we took a spot near the back of the pack.  We held a steady trot for about a mile and half until her legs started cramping up.  After a bit of walking we were back at it and around mile two we met up with one of the other girls from crossfit and the wife and her started chatting it up.  I took this as my cue, and decided to pour a little bit of heat on.  Without a watch I was forced to pay attention to my body a lot more, and concentrated on not panting.  Several times I could feel myself approaching getting to that point, and within that last mile after a bit of adjustment of pace, I was able to hold a steady ‘faster’ pace.

I rounded the last corner and the finish line was in sight.  I would guess I had somewhere between 1/4-1/3 of a mile left and I decided to sprint till the end.  Finishers row was within sight, and the LED’s proclaimed 34:25 as I crossed the finish line.  While I didn’t know it at the time, that was just 24 seconds slower than my previous PR!  While I’m bummed about missing a new PR by such a close margin, I’m really happy that without basically any training, and coming off two injuries; I essentially haven’t lost any fitness.

Post race we met up with some crossfit buddies and snapped a group selfie before we headed off for the rest of our day.

st paddys day

So the take away from this…

I missed running races.  It was a lot of fun to be in a huge pack of people and running together.  Also at the end, it was a different feeling overtaking quite a few people.  It was almost like a building wave each time I passed someone, I felt like I could go faster and faster.  So I did.  While I’m still torn on what my future path is going to be, I don’t think I’m going to give up on running completely.  As for now, I think I’m going to keep what I have on the books for the year and no more.  I’ll train up for the 1/2 but I’m not going to kill myself with a 3-4 day a week training plan.  I’m pretty pumped for the tri next weekend, thou I am slightly terrified.  Gotta remember to charge the watch, and I should probably watch some youtubes on how to set up my transition area too.

Until next week :)

A Not So Motivational Monday

The second Monday snuck up on me this month and I really had nothing in the works.  I’ve had some thoughts and feelings about training/life goals the last few weeks and wanted to write something up but just haven’t found the time.  Well I guess today is that day.  Lets start with this…

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you grows you or makes you happy

I found this quote by Robert Tew a few months ago and its been nagging at my sub conscious since.  I’ve kinda been stuck in a rut after my broken foot and besides paleo/crossfit I’ve had a hard time getting excited about tri training.  It’s been hard to stick to a training program and I’m just not excited about it like I was last year.

I now find myself at a crossroads reexamining my goals, I’ve reduced it down to one of two outcomes:

  1. Continue training for endurance races, and delay my path towards optimal health
  2. Give up (or at least postpone) endurance training, stick to crossfit and get on the path towards optimal health

Lets pick this apart a bit, the more I learn about how our bodies work biochemically and anthropologically the more I’m really starting to believe that any endurance training has a negative effect on our bodies.  I wont get all technical on this but take my word for it that there is a lot of evidence that for people like me who are metabolically broken, endurance training is the complete opposite of what you want to do to lose fat and obtain optimal health.  Anecdotal proof?  Despite following diet plans pretty darn closely for the last five months, I’m still fighting the same ten pounds or so.  Also here is a good post from The Miss Fits: You Can’t Serve Two Masters.

Adding to that is the mental/emotional stress.  I’m a pretty busy guy, and I have a lot of varied interests.  Committing to training 4-6 days a week, keeping up with my job, making time for social functions, and trying to fit in rest days has been just about impossible.  I think I’m honestly more stressed figuring out my daily schedule than anything else right now.  When I cant make it work, I end up feeling like I’ve failed and then the cascade of skipping workouts and emotional eating begins again.

In addition I have to look at why I started training for a tri in the first place.  Essentially I looked around at the fittest guys I knew and said, “I want to be like that.”  So monkey see monkey do, and I set off down that path.  Here I am, just over a year later, and while I’m a few steps closer, I’m still miles away from where I’d like to be.  For various reasons, I’ve also missed just about every goal I’ve set for myself.  It seems to me that I’m just repeating history over and over again and not making any real progress.  Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

While there is a mountain of evidence the supports doing only crossfit/paleo for fat loss, it means giving up on yet another goal.  While completing an Ironman was the event I used to define this journey, the real mission underneath it all was to get healthy and to be able to do things in life that I wouldn’t be able to to otherwise.  And if that is the real goal, given what I’ve learned, doesn’t it make sense to walk away from endurance training?  (At least for the time being?)  I keep coming back to that quote…

“Respect yourself to walk away from anyone or anything that
no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”

Continuing to train for endurance fails two of those tests, and only marginally passes the third.  While crossfit is the polar opposite passing all with ease.  And we’ve arrived at my dilemma.  Walking away isn’t as simple as it sounds.  I’ve invested a lot of time and money into training.  A road bike, GPS watches, membership to a pool, race entry fees for the upcoming year, not to mention that I’ve built a small reputation among friends & coworkers as a budding endurance athlete.  Facing them may be the hardest part of walking away, or at the very least postponing as they will think of me as a failure.  Sure I’ll use the road bike from time to time and I’ll go to the pool every now and then so all is not really lost, but I believe the real damage is giving up on yet another goal.  I think part of the problem is that finishing an Ironman (or any race for that matter) is a linear goal, while “achieving optimal health” is a much more ambiguous.  What does optimal health really mean?  How do you know when you get there?  How do you define it?

I’m coming to a critical point in the next few days where I’m going to have to make a decision.  While I’m already locked into a 5K this weekend and a sprint tri the following, my next races aren’t for a few months and those are biggies.  If I’m really going to walk away, then now (or  after next weekend I guess) is the time to say good bye.  I’m not sure what to do, and the path is becoming more muddled as time slips by.

Pazone Update

Day three of Paleo Zone (aka pazone), and things are going well.  How about some numbers?  Well I’m down  4.5 pounds in 2.5 days, my calories are well over 2,200 a day, and I’m feeling pretty damn good.  That spreadsheet from the page I linked to has been pretty crucial to making my meals easy peasy.  I’m still kinda lost on how to count things like fatty meats (ie brisket or a ribeye).  See pazone counts blocks of protein, carbs, and fat, but doesn’t take into account fatty portions of meat.  I need to do some more reading on this, I still might be eating to much.  With that said, since everything that goes in my mouth has to conform to zone blocks and I’ve basically quit tracking food in myfitnesspal.  Its been kinda nice not spending half my day logging food.

In other news, I’ve stuck to my training plan so far.  I had to modify my swim/bike days some as the pools schedule doesn’t really work for me that well.  Also this week I have a six day work week so I’m putting off my 3 mile run today, and am going to get it done on my midshift tonight at work on the treadmill.  Love having a gym at work.  I’m in the process of putting together a beginners paleo guide to make it super easy for anyone that wants to try paleo but it overwhelmed by all the info.  If you have some good info or links to sites send them to me!


Happy Monday Campers

Well its my hump day, a.k.a. the rest of the worlds Monday.


For some reason I’m still basing this as the start of my training week.  Anywho, I haven’t weighed in for quite some time so I figured I should face the ugly truth sooner or later.


Thats up 3 pounds since we got back from Hawaii, which is well within water weight fluctuations, none the less it’s still frustrating.  Add to that I’ve already had a cheat meal  (family game night is  killer with taco bar and beer), had a few extra nuts/wine last night before bed, and my legs have been super sore from cross fit last week.  Must have patience, something I’m not very good at.

Yesterday I accidentally left my headphones at home when I went to work, so I couldn’t watch Netflix on my breaks.  I decided to take the time and finally dig into Zoning Paleo.  Essentially you take the Zone Diet and mash it up with Paleo.  Think of it as; Paleo tells you what to eat and Zone tells you how much.  That’s about as far as I’m going to go explaining it at this time since I still don’t understand all the nuances that well.  If you want to read more about it, I’d suggest heading over to: Paleo Zone for Dummies.  The spreadsheet they have on there made life super easy.  So I set up a couple days worth of zoned paleo meals last night and today is the begining.  One thing I’ve already noticed is the amount of food I’ll be eating.  Its a ton.  Like I don’t know if I can stuff all of the food in me.  I’m still going to track my food in myfitnesspal to see what my calorie count is going to be; best guess is that total calories is going to be well over 2k for the day.  I’ll post up either later tonight, or maybe in a few days with how Pazone is going for me.

Since I had a bunch of time on my hands last night, I figured it was also a good idea to plan out my month of training.  Basically every book I’ve read tells you to do this, and it’s something I’ve never really done.  Between my crazy work schedule, and trying to keep 3-4 days of crossfit a week, there is little time left for tri training.  Add to that I’d like to keep 1-2 days as rest days, and my training plan gets compressed a ton.  What I ended up with was one day off a week, and one super light day a week which was either a light bike or a light swim workout.  Instead of me yapping about it, how about I just show you?


So if you can read my chicken scratch, you’ll see that the two pillars of this are crossfit workouts, and runs.  I’m roughly 16 weeks out from my 1/2 marathon so it’s time to start running again.  I had to compromise with my 2 a week bike/swims to make the schedule work.  What ended up happening was an alternating schedule where one week I’d get two bikes, and the next two swims.  Not ideal, but it was the best I could come up with.  I also forgot to add in that I have a 5K on the 15th.  So I might swap my run/bike that weekend.

I’ve also been presented with a dilemma.  A year ago I started blogging and training for a triathlon as a way to motivate myself to get healthier and leaner.  With all the new information I’ve learned in the last few months it seems that training for distance running and triathlon goes completely against the best/most direct route to optimal health.  I plan on digging into this more in a following post, but essentially I’m presented with two choices. 1) Give up tri/distance running, concentrate on Paleo and crossfit and end up achieving my health goals pretty quickly, or 2) continue doing what I have outlined above and prolong my weight loss journey for a long time.  There are some side benefits/draw backs of each, but that’s for another post.  Just something that I’ve been kicking around.  Your ideas?

I have nothing planned this month (trips, events, et cetera), so I’m hoping that sticking to nutrition/workouts should be pretty easy.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Have a good week!




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