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March Month In Review

By the numbers:  #’s lost: -9.2 / Bike: 38.93 miles / Swim: .4 miles / Run: 13.79 miles

The numbers are slowly starting to come back.  I’m still finding it hard to balance crossfit with tri training, and with summer coming fast, its only going to get more difficult with the added responsibilities of yard work and wake boarding.  I’m pretty disappointed with my swim numbers, but the pool lap swim schedule just doesn’t mesh with mine at all.  A chunk of that mileage for the month came in the form of two races, so ‘training’ mileage was actually fairly low, yet again…

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Building a new PC…  So I used to be a big PC gamer way back when, at one point in time I was spending 16+ hours doing massive 40 person raids in the World of Warcraft.  Well I’m kinda back into it.  Well not really.  There is still a pretty big market for the game, and people need gold to buy stuff within game.  Well some old buddies of mine got me into farming gold by using some programs that automatically do a small routine, and over time they accumulate a large amounts of gold.   So story short, I cooked my CPU running 12 bots at once, and ended up building a brand new PC last weekend.  Kinda unexpected, but I needed it as the last upgrade in the PC department was over 6 years ago.

What I’m Reading: Executive Orders – Tom Clancy & Primal Body Primal Mind - Nora T. Gedgaudas.  Executive Orders is another in the Jack Ryan series and its another massive spy thriller.  I’m pretty deep into this series, but I’m growing tired of 1000+ page books.  I think there are only two or three more to go, and I’ll have to find something else to occupy my time.  Also I’m slogging through Primal Body Primal Mind.  Its basically the go to book for people on paleo.  Super super super science heavy and it explains down to the biochemical/genetic level of why paleo works.  Honestly its a bit much for even a geek like me, but there is just so much good info in there I can’t ignore it.

Current Song: So post tri I’ve been kinda riding this high where everything just seems to be going right.  My lifts at crossfit are awesome, I’m feeling healthy, my weight loss has stalled (but I’m still getting smaller as I can now fit into some jeans I haven’t been able to wear in three years), and work has been pretty damn good.  I couldn’t ask for much more at the moment.  So I pretty much feel like I’m the man right now.

Aloe Blacc – I’m The Man

Current Wish-List: That beer was paleo.  Or soda.  Or any other flavored drink.  I’m starting to get sick of coffee and water.  I tried to do some tea last week but found it lacking.  I have tried some kombucha and coconut water but the sugar content in both is pretty high which slows weight loss.  Every now and then I’ll throw in some sparkling water, but its just not a soda.  I did have a moment of weakness tonight, I did have one diet soda.  :(  That’s the longest I’ve gone without one.  Here’s to another 3+ months.

Current Need: To figure out how to balance everything I want to accomplish.  Seems like the story of the last few months right?  I’m still not very good at this, and I gotta figure this out soon.  The first 1/4 of 2014 is already over.  Wow that went quick!  I think honestly its going to come down to reducing my crossfit sessions to like twice a week.  My ironman buddy is training at 12 hours a week.  While I dont expect to get myself to that level, I think in just tri training I need to shoot for maybe 6-8.  I dunno.  Part of me thinks I need some coaching, but at my current level I almost think it would be a waste.  Maybe I need to sit down with a calendar (yet again) and see if I can make up a plan that I can stick to better this time.

Current Triumph: Getting back into my True Religions.  I haven’t been able to wear those jeans in almost three years so I was super excited a couple days ago when I was finally able to wear them around.  Woot Woot!

Current Bane of my Existence: Rain…  I have a few yard projects that need to get done, and warm weather is right around the corner.  I’m ready to break the boat out!  It looks like the weather gods are slowly coming around though.  The long range forecast looks good!


Current Goal: Get some consistent running in.  My 1/2 marathon is coming up a lot quicker than I’d like and I still haven’t really began to train for it.  Ugh.  Of the four sports I’m trying to be proficient in, running is still my least favorite.  I’m pretty sure I will never truly enjoy it, just survive it.

Current Indulgence: Paleo Brownies.  These things are amazing, the wife made some last week and we scarfed them right up.  Now we’re out and I’m a sad panda.  Maybe I can convince her to make us some more…

Current Excitement: BOAT!!!!!  Ok have I said it enough?  April is the month we start drying out out here, and as soon as the long range forecast looks good, I’ll break her out.  I ordered a heater as well, so we can get in some more early season sessions.  Hopefully the rain will dry up soon and we’ll have a good summer.  Also I found out yesterday that I was nominated and got runner up for an Archie League Medal.  Basically its one of the highest awards an air traffic controller can earn by assisting a pilot in dire circumstances.  Turns out that I was nominated for a situation that I handled a few months ago when a KC-135 tanker lost all its power over the ocean.

Looking forward to April: Well my buddy at work wants me to run/ride in a duathlon at the end of the month.  I’m pretty terrified of it since it has a massive hill right smack in the middle of the bike course.  If I don’t do that, this is a nothing month as far as racing goes.  Just pure training, which I’m ok with.  It will give me some time to get yard work done, and set up the rest of the summer.  Also I’m getting my first trainee at work next week, so I’m sure that will be exciting.

Sooo, how’d your March end up?!?!


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