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October Recap

October Mileage: Still nothing.  Last Tuesday I had my second to last ortho appointment and the doc released me to walking without a boot/cane.  Still no high impact.  Come back in four more weeks and I should be RTS (returned to service, work term).  I was also released back to swimming, though due to some weird schedule conflicts, and the fact that I’ve been sick for the last week, I haven’t been to the pool.

Races (spectated): IM Kona!!!  I watched a lot of the race, and although my guy didn’t do so hot my girl did awesome!  Kinda sad to see Crowie basically throw in the towel for full length Ironmans but at some point the body just cant take the abuse.  On the other hand Carfrae, as I predicted, came back late in the race and took the win.  She also set the course record in the marathon (2:50:38).

Reads/Movies: Since I couldn’t be out doing stuff I actually got a lot of reading done.  Nothing sport related just some good ole sci-fi stuff.  I actually finished The Fall of Hyperion.  I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first, but it definitely answered a lot of the unanswered questions from book one.  What I didn’t expect was the pretty deep theological vein that ran through the book.  After I put that guy to bed, since Ender’s Game the movie came out today, I picked up a couple of the shorter spin off novels from the original series.  First up was A War of Gifts then Earth Unaware.  Both were excellent and played very well into the Ender universe.  Weather you’re a seasoned sci-fi fan or someone that’s loosely interested in it, the whole Ender series is something you should definitely take a look at.  I started Earth Afire last night and am already half way done with it.  Good books.

Keeping with the space theme this month, I also saw Gravity.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to go see it, do it!  I saw it in IMAX 3D and the effect was amazing.  I’m a space geek (if you haven’t been able to tell), and its probably the most realistic space movie I’ve ever seen.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:  Strange enough, reading.  I have so many irons in the fire at the moment, spending an hour or two a day reading feels like I’m wasting time.  I’m going to stick with it though, considering all that has happened in the last few months, I can definitely use an escape.

Current Song: I haven’t listened to a lot music this month.  The first 15 days or so were completely committed to the news with the government shut down.  Since then the few times I’ve actually listened to music is been one of my Pandora channels that is mostly techno/club type music that is good for background noise.  I tend to go through phases of music; country one month, grunge the next and classical the following.  I’m kind of musically lost this month.  With that said I can definitely feel a country kick coming on.  One of my new favorites (and my current ring tone):

Current Wish-List: Some normalcy to return to life.  It seems like post wedding we’ve stamping out fires wherever we go.  I would love just a couple weeks of no emergencies to deal with.  This weekend I have a couple days off and they are much needed.

Current Need: Shake this cold (that my father gave me), and get back on track.  With the medical issues mostly behind me now, I really dont have any excuse to get back at it.

Current Triumph:  The KTM is ready to be certified street legal.  After a week of work I dropped it off at the shop and pending a DOT inspection she will be ready to go.  Anyone wanna buy a streetable KTM 450 SMR?

Current Bane of my Existence: Work.  I love my job but with all the government crap going on its becoming a real depressing place to go everyday.  With just over two months till we’re facing yet another shutdown, things aren’t getting any better.  On a side note we started bidding our schedules/leave for next year.  Since I’m pretty low on seniority pole it will be a few days before I get my choice of lines and vacation leave.





What you’re looking at is our schedule.  The ‘Xs’ are our days off, and the numbers correspond to our shift start times in military time.  The two shifts that have 23′s on them are what as known as mid lines, and they work something like this; take a look at the Wed/Thur mid line (my current line).  On Monday morning I come in at 0600 and am off at 1400.  That same night I come back at 2300 and am off at 0700 the following morning (Tuesday).  While this is hell on the body, the pay off is that I don’t go back to work until 1600 on Friday.

With that said, I don’t really know what I want to do this year.  I’ll most likely have my pick of any Wed/Thur line, and may have the pick of some of the Thur/Fri & Tue/Wed lines.  Looking forward to racing next year its tough to pick as most races tend to be Sunday mornings.  Knowing that, a Thur/Fri line would work well as I wouldn’t have to take a lot of leave to race, but I’d lose both weekend nights.  In the end I’ll probably flip a coin.  The other factor is crew choice (ie what days off I get).  The way we bid leave is based off crew, and we’re only allowed one guaranteed leave slot per crew this year.  While we can bid additional slots on top of each other, those extra slots aren’t guaranteed and we may not get them based off staffing.  This is really complicated I know, I’ve been doing this for 5 years now and I’m just beginning to get all the nuisances.

Current Goal: Actually make it to the pool to get some laps in.  I really do miss working out, but getting up the motivation to actually get to the pool has been pretty tough.  The cold isn’t helping matters either.

Current Indulgence: Checking out wakeboarding schools in SoCal and Florida.  I’m still kinda bummed I missed the end of the season so my buddies and I are looking at taking a weekend trip and having some fun.  I was bored the last couple weeks and put together a video of some of our highlights from the season.

I just picked up a gopro so next season we should have some much better video!  Also we’re considering picking up winter surfing up here.  Sounds cold, but I guess they have some special kind of dry suit so we wont freeze in the ocean.

Current Excitement: Starting our own business.  The wife used to help run a coffee stand before she started teaching, and we’ve been kicking the idea around of starting our own for a year or two.  We finally decided to pull the trigger and we going to jump in on a mobile coffee shop.  We’re still fleshing out the idea and there is a ton of work before we sell our first cup, but I’m pretty excited.  Add another iron to my fire right?

Looking forward to November: Getting back into a build phase.  I want to get a sprint tri in ASAP since I missed mine.  There are some winter indoor ones up here, so I might try for one of those in the near future, but I’m going to set up a work out plan to help me build for an Olympic distance in late spring.

You thought I forgot eh?  So no winner as the only two votes I got wanted the original image to stay up.  So there it is for the next  3 months at least.  :)

Sooooo, how’d your October end up?!?!


And here is the second installment of our wedding photos: First Look and some Group Photos


hewitt_wed_0050 hewitt_wed_0118 hewitt_wed_0128 hewitt_wed_0133 hewitt_wed_0140 hewitt_wed_0169 hewitt_wed_0186 hewitt_wed_0265


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