Patient number 11…

…presents with blah blah blah….

Well this weekend found me back in urgent care.  We’re almost on a first name basis now if ya can believe it.  I’m greeted when I come in the door as, “hey wheels!” or “scooter dude!”

Guess it could be worse.  So Sunday night after dinner with the inlaws I started having chest pains.  I dismissed them for the better part of two hours, however after a threat from the wife I called the consulting nurse.  Sure enough off to urgent care we go.  Funny thing, when you complain of chest pain, you’re basically tackled by a herd of nurses as you come in the door.  I’ll have to keep that tid bit in the back of my head…

Long story short, after a full blood workup and chest xrays they have no idea what caused it.  Sent me home with some Prilosec as a just in case and a, “call us if anything changes.”  Ended up not taking the drugs as a quick google search indicated that it and Warfarin didn’t mix well.  Not mix well as in it would kill me, but as in it will screw up my INR levels and would keep me from getting my medical back ASAP which is more important at this juncture.  I will say that muscle relaxers are very nice though.  :)

So that was the exciting news over the weekend, however today I got more exiting news.  Good stuff this time.  I promise.

Saw my orthopedic PA today and everything looks good.  And I quote, “It’s quite remarkable how much bone you’ve grown back in six weeks considering you had a DVT in there.”  The callus that has formed is almost complete and new bone is already starting to fill in the gap.  Bottom line; I’m ahead of schedule.  What it really means is that I now get to graduate from the scoot to crutches as I can now bear between 25-50% of my weight.  If everything goes well, in three weeks I’ll be released to full weight bearing as tolerated.  Still no running/walking but I’m getting closer.

I did ask about swimming, and the PA said for go for it, flutter kick only.  However I’ll need to check with my DVT doctor (I don’t have one, and that’s another story) before diving in.

All in all good news.  I’m learning patience out of this.  Another side effect is learning humility and how to ask for help.  The last six weeks have forced that point upon me, as an only kid I grew up fiercely independent and it isn’t always easy to ask others for assistance.  Maybe that is the one bright spot/lesson coming out of this.

*PS since I’m in urget care so much I decided to add a new tag.  You should now be able to chronicle all my urgent care trips ;)


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