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Race Recap: Rainman Series | Indoor Sprint Triathlon

Woooooo my first tri is finally under my belt.  This shoulda happened about 6 months ago, but due to foot-pocalypse and then a sprained foot after that, I kept having to push it off.  Well its all said and done, and I can finally call myself a triathlete now.  :)  So where do I begin with the race that almost didn’t happen…

night before rainman

Almost didn’t happen?  What you ask?  Well about six weeks ago a buddy asked me if I could cover a shift for him at work so he could get some vacation time.  I said sure no prob, just make swaps and tell me what shakes out.  He made the swaps but to make it all workout, they had to move a bunch of my shifts leading up to the day.  I didn’t even think at the time to check to see what weekend/day this would be, and it just so happened that it was the same week that my tri was scheduled, and the swapped shifts ended up encroaching on my tri time.  UGH!  So after a lot of begging and bribing I made it work by taking a couple hours beginning of shift and showed up to work late.  Bullet dodged.  What about the tri though?  Ok here’s the story…

So like the titles suggests this was an indoor tri, which consisted of a 15min swim, 30min bike, and then a 2.97mile run.  While not a true sprint distance, they compensated for that by taking the average pace for each leg and extrapolating that to find what your sprint distance time would be.  Make sense?  So typical me, slept like crap the night before.  I think I maybe grabbed 4 hours and was up before my alarm went off at 0530.  I had a normal breakfast (bacon and spinach egg cups with coffee) as the stomach was used to that and I knew it wouldn’t mess me up for the rest of the day.  Loaded the truck up with gear and family and we were off for the hour drive to Green Lake.

After checking in and weighing (so they could set resistance on the bike trainer) I was off to set up my transition area and get the pre race instructions.  A quick wave to the fam and we hopped in the pool for the first leg.  We we’re supposed to have only two people per lane, but the race software messed up and allowed an extra person to sneak into our wave.  They asked for volunteers and I ended up with 3 people in my lane.  Wasn’t that big of a deal, and I got to practice circle swimming for the first time.  The swim went really well, and I held free style for about half of my laps, then switched to 1/2 free 1/2 breast stroke.  This kept my pace fairly quick and allowed my to finish 14 laps (700 yards) in 15 min.  I think I could of pushed a bit harder towards the end, but I pulled back the intensity as I didn’t want to die on the bike trainer next.

rainman swim

Outta the pool and a quick ‘walk’ on the pool deck to our bike trainer.  I chose to wear socks as I cant stand wearing shoes without them, so I was a bit slower getting on my trainer but oh well.  Hopped on for 30 min of hell.  Essentially this was scored on your average pace over 30 min, so its all out as hard as you can go, no coasting/rest ugh.  My trainer was kinda messed up and kept blinking off and on so I’m not convinced that my time/speed here is accurate, but it should be close.  This was definitely my weakest part of the race.  I had a recovery protein shake on my bike with hopes that it would give me energy along the way, turned out I just ended up burping coconut milk and protein powder the rest of the time.  Wont do that again.  Ended up with an average speed of 13.12.  A bit slow for me as I normally am in the high teens so I’m pretty sure the trainer wasn’t getting good data.





Off the bike and out the door for one lap around the lake, 2.97 miles.  Immediately out the door I rolled my left ankle and thought, “oh shit, this run is going to suck”.  Ended up shaking it out, and it didn’t hurt the rest of the run.  I didn’t bring my watch, so again I was pacing off what felt ok.  I kept a slow steady pace and ended up picking off a few people along the way, and was only passed once.  My goal here was not to be passed by the first person in the wave after me, and sure enough I crossed the finish line well in front of that person.  I ended up only walking once or twice for about 10-15 yards.  Overall a solid run, I probably could of ran a bit harder, but I wasn’t really sure how long I had left in the run course since they didn’t have it marked at all and I didn’t want to run out of go juice with a long ways to go.  Oh well.

Probably the best thing during the whole race was rounding the last corner and seeing the family waiting and cheering for me at the end. :)  For a first outing I’m pretty damn happy with my performance.  My weak spot is definitely the bike, so I’ll be working on that a lot in the next couple months leading up to my next race.  Here’s what the race looked like by the numbers:

Avg Swim MPH: 1.6
Paced Swim Time: 17:35
Bike Miles: 6.56
Avg Speed: 13.15
Paced Bike Time: 57:10
Run Time: 36:00
Run Pace: 12:07
Calculated Sprint Time: 1:50:45

rainman finish

Post race I was a bit jittery the rest of the afternoon, and have been super tired since.  I actually slept today for like 10 hours.  Guess I needed it.  So after a bit of an identity crisis a few weeks ago, after the 5K last two weeks ago and the tri this last weekend, I’ve got the bug again.  I don’t think I can walk away from it now and the question is how do I fit this into the whole schema of weight loss/training.  I guess we’ll just have to see what happens as I go forward.


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