Monthly Recaps

September Recap

August Mileage: None.  Still non-weight bearing on my foot so I’m still scootin around…..

Races: I loosely followed Ironman Lake Tahoe as well as the 70.3 world championships in Las Vegas.  Neither of which I actually paid much attention to as I had other things going on in life…

Reads: Hyperion.  Its an old school scifi novel that is the first in the series.  Im currently on the second in the series but with all the stuff happening with my foot/leg I’m finding it hard to carve out some time to read.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: World of Tanks…  When I was in high school/college I spent a ton of time playing MMORPGs (link for those you that have never been into online gaming, wiki article on MMORPG).  I never imagined that my father in retirement would take up an online game and get me back into the online gaming world.  I may have just spent 100 bucks on a new gaming head set…..

Current Song: Here comes the lightening – Big B; this kinda fits my life right now as well.  When it rains it pours and the last month definitely hasn’t been easy.

Current Wish-List: To walk again and get off warfarin.  This is really starting to wear on me in a bad way.  Oh and congress to get off their ass and do their job, so I can collect a paycheck for the work I’m doing.

Current Need: A massage.  I miss them a lot and I think one would go a long way to alleviating my stress right now.  But alas the DVT strikes again, no massages.

Current Triumph: Selling my harley, I think.  I bought my road king two winters ago and rebuilt it into a sweet bobber.  In August I traded it to a vet that hurt himself in Afghanistan for his hard tail bobber.  In turn I’m now trading the hardtail for a bike I’ve wanted for several years (2006 KTM 450 SMR) plus some cash.  Both of which came at a good time as I could use some extra coin right now post wedding and with riding season being over this doesn’t hurt that much.  Just have to wait for the deal to finalize next week and I should be in the green.

Current Bane of my Existence: My foot/DVT.  The more I read about DVTs and the drugs they have me on the more depressed I get.  This is going to go on for a long long long long time.  And it seems almost as if they really have no idea what they’re doing and are just waiting to see what will happen.  Also the on going budget saga in DC.  As a fed everything that happens in that city effects me. Ugh.

Current Goal: Start walking.  If everything looks good, on the 8th I can slowly start putting weight back on my foot and begin walking again.

Current Indulgence: Bacon.  Since I’m back on low carb this is back on the diet.  Yum!

Current Excitement: My trainee at work.  He’s been kicking ass in the simulator and if/when he passes his next two graded scenarios this week he’ll hit the floor.  Everyone that has worked with him in the back has said how good he’s doing; which is not only a compliment for him and his hard work, but also for me as a trainer.  Considering I’ve never had a trainee before, this is a huge feather in my hat.  Also I think all the wedding stuff is done.  We had our ‘at home reception’ a few weeks ago with a pig roast that my buddy put on for us.  Everything turned out great and we had a blast.  To top it off my Seahawks even won against the 49ers!

The pig and our scotch

The pig and our scotch



Looking forward to October: Hopefully a lot better than September.  I can start walking again, hopefully.  I should get to go back to the floor and start working again (as soon as my INR levels shape up).  Also at the end of the month is one of my buddies birthdays and we’re headed to Portland for a boys night.  That should be fun…. :)

How’d your September Shape up?!?!


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